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This practice no longer accepts health insurance. Therefore, you have total confidentiality, can determine the type, length, and content of your treatment, and are not required to have a medical diagnosis for your record (insurance panels require a billable psychiatric diagnostic code on all patients using medical health insurance, even children and relationship therapy).

This is especially important with certain sensitive careers that we serve at this practice, including: mental health professionals, physicians, attorneys, pharmacists, politicians, pilots, active military, children, adolescents, custody disputes, etc.

Please see the sliding scale fees scales for details on sliding fee rates.

Cash, Apple Pay, Venmo and Google Pay are accepted and may be more secure forms of payment than PayPal.

Mental Health Evaluations

Adult and Child ADHD Evaluations with reports for prescribing primary care physicians, school, military and/or university.

Comprehensive Mental Health Evaluations and letters for Emotional Support Animals/Therapeutic Service Animals.

Autism Spectrum, ASEBA, CAT-A, PAI, PAI-A, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Trauma, IQ, etc.

For more information on ADHD >>

For more information on ASD(Autism)>>

Child Assessments

Is your child struggling at home or at school? Do you need to know if it is ADHD, Anxiety or Depression, etc.?

We screen for ADHD, Aspergers/Autism Spectrum, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Trauma and Stress, etc.

For more information on Children's Assessments >>

Adult Assessments