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2020 Sliding Scale Fees Based on Yearly Family Income

Striving to make counseling affordable for everyone.

**Must provide proof of income -- a copy of last year’s Federal Income Tax Form 1040 or other proof of income to qualify for a reduced rate.

Email the documentation to

Yearly Income Based Cost of 

Each 50 min Individual Psychotherapy Session/1st appt 

Yearly Income / Fee

$160,000-$169,000+ $170/$195

$150,000-$159,000 $160/$185

$130,000-$149,000 $150/$175

$120,000-$129,000 $140/$165

$110,000-$119,000 $130/$155

$100,000-$109,000 $115/$140

$80,000-$99,000 $105/$135

$60,000-$79,000 $95/$125

$59,000 and under $85/$115

Sliding Scale fees for Immigration Psychosocial Evaluations and Reports - Individual

Yearly Income / Fee

$160,000-$169,000+ $2500

$150,000-$159,000 $2300

$130,000-$149,000 $2100

$120,000-$129,000 $1900

$110,000-$119,000 $1700

$100,000-$109,000 $1500

$80,000-$99,000 $1300

$60,000-$79,000 $1100

$59,000 and under $950 

Marriage and Family Therapy Sessions/60 mins

(each +15 mins is prorated)

Yearly Income / Fee Session/1st time

$160,000-$169,000+ $250/$300

$150,000-$159,000 $225/$275

$130,000-$149,000 $200/$250

$120,000-$129,000 $175/$225

$110,000-$119,000 $150/$200

$100,000-$109,000 $145/$185

$80,000-$99,000 $140/$175

$60,000-$79,000 $135/$165

$40,000-$59,000 $130/$155

$39,000 and under $125/$150 

In order to better serve our clients, this practice no longer accepts/bills health insurance. 

Therefore, you, the client have total confidentiality, can determine the type, length, and content of your treatment, and are not required to have a medical diagnosis for your record (insurance panels require a billable psychiatric diagnosis on all patients even children and couples therapy).

This is especially important with certain sensitive careers and clients that we serve at this practice, including, mental health professionals, physicians, attorneys, pharmacists, politicians, pilots, active military, children, adolescents, custody disputes, etc.

As there is no 3rd party payer, your file cannot be requested for review by any billing entity, as is done with insurance companies. HIPPA regulations allow insurance companies full access to their clients' medical files, including family therapy and mental health counseling. 

Insurance companies/payors are also permitted to limit the number of sessions, session length of time, frequency and types of treatment. In fact, that sensitive information can be put into a larger insurance linked database and kept on file indefinitely, including dates of services, diagnoses, treatments, etc.

Therefore, self-pay treatment offers much more confidentiality and freedom in treatment planning and delivery of services for the client, and we can offer more affordable rates as no additional billing staff is required.

For any questions concerning services, confidentiality and/or payment call (904) 234-0574 or email


Service Rates and Payment

At Oceanside Family Therapy & Assessments we believe that our clients' needs are of the utmost importance and that lack of medical insurance should not be an obstacle to quality mental health services. Therefore, as a convenience, we offer payment via PayPal and all major credit cards.

Fees for services are due prior to or at the time of service. For yearly income based Sliding Scale fees, please see below table in blue/white.

For clinical supervision fees & payments please see the Therapist Supervision page.

To pay via credit card Add to Cart the correct service rate and click on checkout Pay Without a PayPal Account.

This prompt will take you to the PayPal guest checkout where you can input your credit card information.

*Please note that cash apps which are offered for your convenience, including PayPal, may not be fully HIPPA compliant as they may not offer current BBAs. 

If you prefer to use a HIPPA compliant payment method, funds may be deposited directly into one of the operating accounts at either 5/3 or Wells Fargo and are available upon request. 

Cash and check are also accepted in person at the office during business hours. Opting to use a cash app is acknowledging this information and waiving your right to full HIPPA protection. (See disclosure form.)

Immigration Psychosocial Evaluations at Oceanside Family Therapy & Assessments are very complex and the reports alone range from an average of 7 - 20 pages per case. We process dozens of evals and reports per month for immigration attorneys from California to New York to Miami. 

The reports are prepared to be scrutinized by the federal government and opposing counsel in Immigration Court and/or USCIS. Therefore, each case takes many hours of information gathering, clinical interviews, biopsychosocial assessments, medical files review, complex mental health evaluations, scoring, interpretation and explanation. 

It takes years of specific post graduate education, expertise and clinical training, and for the examiner to be admitted in Federal Immigration Court as an Expert Witness and to have experience testifying in Federal Court.  See credentials page.

The evaluations and reports take days (when expedited) to weeks to complete, and in order to be affordable are offered at a significantly reduced set rate instead of a standard hourly rate

Service Fees

Forensic Evaluations, Reports & Testimony

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