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In order to assist clients and patients during this time of community isolation concerning Covid-19 and those who have other general reasons why coming to the office is not an option, we will be offering online platforms often referred to as Telehealth, Telemedicine and/or Teletherapy.

Serving the states of Florida and New York

Due to Covid-19 New York has lifted in state licensing requirements to assist their residents during this crisis.

What are Telehealth and Telemedicine?

Telehealth may include the terms Telemedicine, Telemental Health, Telepsychology or Teletherapy.

In a nutshell, they each refer to using technology to deliver care at a distance. A provider in one location uses a telecommunications infrastructure (laptop or smartphone) to deliver care to a patient at a distant site.

How do I connect to a Telehealth platform?

Platforms for Teletherapy at our practice may include, Zoom and phone sessions., Zoom and Sessions are HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) compliant platforms.

These platforms are free for clients and patients of this office and can be used on a either a phone or laptop. There is no app to download, simply click on the link to enter the virtual waiting room until your appointment time.

Regular phone sessions are also an option for those who prefer them. 

Headphones are recommended on any platform to enhance confidentiality.

Our id is Oceanside Family Therapy and Assessments or click this link:  

Our Zoom Personal Meeting id is 457 834 3512 and is linked to the email the app can be found for free here:

Our Sessions Virtual Waiting Room invitation is

For Phone sessions call (904) 234-0574 - phone sessions do not transmit PHI (protected health information) including demographic data, medical records or full facial photos, however, as above, the patient/client is responsible to find a confidential place to make the call, where he/she will not be overheard or interrupted.

Before using our Telehealth platform, please download and complete the New Client Intake Packet and review the consent to telehealth form, sign and email a copy to  

For discounted Telehealth rates, see below.


What are the benefits to Telemental health, Teletherapy and Telesupervision?

  • The obvious answer is convenience! With just a laptop or your phone you can access our office services from the comfort of your own home, just make sure to find a private, confidential room in your home where you know you will not be interrupted and no one is listening in.
  • Safety - in these times of self isolating and "flattening the curve" it is much safer to stay home than to venture anywhere that you don't have to, especially during mandatory school closure weeks and for those with chronic risk factors like asthma, autoimmune disorders and compromised immune systems.
  • Time - it takes less time to fit in a session if you don't have to add travel time in. Also, at this practice we offer some sessions outside of regular office times to accommodate those who need late afternoon or evening appointments.
  • Cost - we are offering discounted rates (see below) for telehealth services, in addition to costs saved from traveling and gas.
  • Bad hair day or pink eye? If you prefer it or are nervous about the camera, simply turn off the video option or choose to call in instead!


Telehealth platforms are also offered to supplement in-person supervision sessions, as clinical therapists dealing with scheduling constraints will also benefit from all of the advantages listed above.

Telehealth Services Rate (also including Telesupervision of Therapists)

Via online app or phone sessions are significantly discounted from regular in office rates!

or simply use

A Paypal account is Not required to pay with credit or debit via Paypal.

No fees are charged to the patient, fees are taken on the therapist's side.

All fees due at time of services rendered.

First time appointments and new patients please make sure to download, complete and return the following forms:

 New Client Forms Packet or for children under 18 years old the Child's New Client Forms PacketDevelopmental History and No Subpoena Policy

By using Paypal you are consenting to a non-encrypted email receipt for services, which may not meet the criteria of your insurance carrier. Thus, we no longer bill insurances at this practice, below are cash rates only, discounted for teletherapy. 


60-75 mins individual telehealth session


Per session



45-55 mins individual telehealth session


Per session



20-30 mins individual telehealth session


Per 30 min increment


Checking in as a Patient on or Sessions

Don't worry about being early, there is a virtual waiting room!

Simply enter your name and agree to the terms of service and to allow access to you microphone and camera. 

Both platforms are HIPPA compliant and confidential. 

Make sure you have privacy and no distractions when you log in.

Checking in as a Patient on

Simply click the button below to enter the virtual waiting room!

Checking in as a Patient on Sessions

Simply click the button below to enter the virtual waiting room!

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