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Volunteering with
Guardian ad Litem - 4th Judicial 

Children's Race

Guardian ad Litem Foundation - 
Board Member

For other volunteering and board positions please see my bio/credentials page.

I am excited to be serving (volunteering) on the board of the Guardian ad Litem Foundation, 4th Judicial Circuit, as I am all too aware that the children that we serve are our most vulnerable population.  


My career as a psychotherapist and clinical director with non-profits has led me to supervising mental health therapists throughout Florida serving children through programs such as DJJ, Daniel Kids, Camelot Community Care, Beaches Resource Center, Youth Crisis Center, Family Foundations, the Veterans Administration, Naval Hospital Jacksonville; serving as the Clinical Director at Gateway’s Adolescent Detox, Inpatient and Outpatient programs; and supervising numerous other agencies and private practices throughout the state. I see on a daily basis how children who are neglected, abused and abandoned are at risk of exploitation, trafficking, pregnancy/rape, medical neglect and complete societal abandonment. 


Guardian ad Litem provides eyes, ears and a voice to supporting these vulnerable children.


Like many nonprofits, GAL Foundation took a massive hit during Covid, and was unable to raise the funds that were so badly needed. However, we are very excited to be hosting a fundraiser this fall, which will be held on November 4th, at Jacksonville’s beautiful Garden Club - There is No Place Like Home.


We would be absolutely honored for you to join us, tell your friends to join us and to consider sponsorship for this fundraiser. It will be a beautiful event attracting people who care about our most vulnerable children from GAL volunteers, to foster parents, therapists, doctors, attorneys, judges and others who are devoted to children, including our mayor.


As you know, Guardian ad Litem volunteers speak out for children who have been abused, neglected and who are navigating the foster care system. These children have done nothing wrong, but they do need someone to look out for them. GAL volunteers save lives by pointing out unsafe living arrangements or a dangerous caregiver. It is these children who are most vulnerable and at risk of human trafficking, running away and for exploitation without intervention and strong oversight to their safety and care.


Our fundraiser also helps to raise funds for normalcy programs (teaching kids to swim, attend summer camp for social skills, basic wrap-around services to increase their sense of being "normal" and a scholarship fund to help kids have a chance to attend college without having any parental or family support (housing, food, books, fees, etc.). Unfortunately, the foundation took a real hit during covid and is really trying to recover.


Please let me know if you are available to support these children, simply by being present at this beautiful event (ticket prices attached) or by sponsoring it. We would absolutely love to have you there and/or to have your support. Let me know if you are able to offer your Time, Treasure or Talent (package attached).


Thanks so much!


Nicole Story, EDS, LMFT-S, LMHC-S

Psychotherapist & Clinical Director, Oceanside Family Therapy & Assessments

Board Member, Guardian ad Litem Foundation - 4th Judicial Circuit

Let’s Work Together

328 2nd Ave N,

Jacksonville Beach, 32250

Tel: 904-234-0574

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